Septic Cleaning & Repair

Septic Systems require that homeowner’s monitor the system before any problems come up.  Usually, when it becomes obvious it’s already too late for a simple solution to fix the problem.  Once the issue escalates, the cost to repair them requires thousands of dollars worth of parts and labor.  However, a little maintenance on the system will help you avoid these costly problems.

That is why we recommend that these septic tank systems be checked at least every year.  This is according to the Public Health Department.  The average septic tank system usually requires pumping / cleaning every one to three years according to the EPA.

A simple check (or inspection) can be done.  Call with any Questions or for a quote to clean your tank.  Repair costs vary from system to system and require on site estimates.

If your system does not need a pumping, but you are having problems with your toilet or washer, you likely have a plumbing issue.  Please call with questions and I can help you troubleshoot to avoid unnecessary expenses.